Green beans

Зелен фасул буркан

Weight: jar 0.720 / 12 pcs. in a carton

For several years, a special variety of beans has been selected to be suitable for canning “green beans” (without fibers and sharp edges). For ARTE beans, it is important that it is just such a dairy variety, cut into pieces of 3 cm and with a jar full to the brim. The color is dark green without creamy and dark brown areas. Recently, we also offer yellow beans, which is a similar variety even according to some consumers, with even better taste. They are suitable for dishes and side dishes.

Идеи за приготвяне: Яхния от леща Арте „Селект“

леща рецепта

Arte “Select” lentils stew

Products needed for 5 servings 250gr. Lentils Arte “Select” one whole onion One carrot Garlic (3-4 cloves) Tomato Can Arte 2-3 spoons of flour Savory