Our business’s mission has always been defined by uncompromising attention to quality, best prices, and the establishment long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations with all of our partners. As so, over the years we have established ourselves in a confident and stable position in our market.

Quality and

At Arte, we have the most advanced technologies for quality and quantity control of our products. It is against everything we stand for, to put our trademark on a product which has questionable quality, due to its price, or any product in general for which we cannot guarantee the up-most of quality.
макаронени изделия
Our pasta is one of the few on the Bulgarian market, which is produced using the most modern technology as well as with the most high-quality raw materials. For this reason the taste is completely identical to that of the real Italian pasta. We offer all of the most popular types of pasta at affordable prices.
Pulses & Grains (rice, beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.) belong to the group of basic foods, which, besides being very nutritious, are also very good for the wellbeing of the digestive system. They are comprised from high amounts of protein as well as many micronutrients and fibers.
брашно тип 500
At Arte we pay special attention to the content of our flour. The use of high-quality bread wheat as well as state-of-the-art production and analysis technology guarantee that our flower yields very good results in the preparation of dough, confectioneries, etc.
In the preparation of our cans we make sure to have selected the best vegetables, negotiated directly from farmers. They are prepared by recipes which have stood the test of time and of course as with everything else we guarantee impeccable quality.
The fruits in our cans are always ripe, and come directly from the sunny Bulgarian farms of our producers. They are prepared with great attention and undergo a strict quality check, meaning that they are as close as possible to the homemade ones.
логистика хранителни продукти
We at Arte have at our disposal a modernized vehicle fleet. It is important to us to make the daily proceeding of our customers as easy as possible. That’s why we offer delivery to evert point of the country. Our distribution network spans across the whole country and as so our delivery times are as short and as flexible as possible.
Commercial network
We supply directly all outlets throughout central northern Bulgaria, while the rest of the country we cover through our distributors.
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Contact us
We have developed a distribution network across the country for our clients and partners making the delivery of our products possible for everyone. Please contact us for information regarding the distributor closest to you.
рецепти за готвене
Our products are ideal for a wide range of traditional Bulgarian dishes as well as many from international cuisines. Here are a few recipes from our kitchen.
Traditional Bulgarian Banitsa made with flour Arte
Products 400 grams of flour Arte type 500 50gr. Of fetta cheese 8 spoonfuls...
Risotto with Arte “Baldo” rice, mushrooms and parmesan
Products needed for 6 servings 1 cup of rice Arte “Baldo” 400 grams of mushrooms one...
Arte “Select” lentils stew
Products needed for 5 servings 250gr. Lentils Arte “Select” one whole onion One...