Cabbage leaf

Зелев лист

Weight: jar 1.680 / 0.720 / 6/12 pcs. stack / carton

Cabbage leaves are a low-calorie food, rich in vitamins – A, B, C, K, minerals and trace elements. They have the unique ability to store vitamins for a very long time. Suitable for the so-called cabbage leaf sauerkraut and festive turkey with cabbage.

Идеи за приготвяне: Яхния от леща Арте „Селект“

леща рецепта

Arte “Select” lentils stew

Products needed for 5 servings 250gr. Lentils Arte “Select” one whole onion One carrot Garlic (3-4 cloves) Tomato Can Arte 2-3 spoons of flour Savory