Rice Bulgarian trapeza with mushrooms or “Liver sarma without offal”

Ориз с гъби или Дроб сарма без карантии

Ingredients for 8 Servings: 300g. of ARTE “Balgraska Trapeza” Rice/ 1 jar of ARTE whole mushrooms (we would need the brine as well)/ 2 bunches fresh onions + 1 fresh garlic/ 1 old onion/ 150g fresh spinach/ 90g of sunflower Oil “Arte”/ 1 stalk of parsley + spearmint/ mint/ 2 soupspoons powdered dry spearmint/ ~ […]

Risotto with Arte “Baldo” rice, mushrooms and parmesan

ризото с гъби

Products needed for 6 servings 1 cup of rice Arte “Baldo” 400 grams of mushrooms one whole onion 4 cloves of garlic 3 cups of meat broth 80 grams of parmesan black pepper salt 50 grams of butter Recipe Chop the onion and garlic in small pieces and heat them up in butter. Add the […]