Sweet corn in a Easy open can

Сладка царевица кутия

Packaging – 0.212 EC and 0.425 EC.

The can is boiled milk sweet corn, without added sugar. Origin – Hungary . Hungarian corn is the best in the world (suitable climate and long traditions). ARTE Corn is harvested in a factory that produces for some of the world’s most famous brands. This can has a very high quality, very fine and delicate taste, vacuum sealed, with the largest amount of corn (with a bright yellow color) in the can itself from those offered on the Bulgarian market.

Идеи за приготвяне: Яхния от леща Арте „Селект“

леща рецепта

Arte “Select” lentils stew

Products needed for 5 servings 250gr. Lentils Arte “Select” one whole onion One carrot Garlic (3-4 cloves) Tomato Can Arte 2-3 spoons of flour Savory